Nipple massage

I often feature nipple massage in my sensual and erotic bodywork. Many men regardless of their sexual orientation enjoy getting their nipples caressed and played. The reason why this happens is that the nipples activate the same area of the brain as the genitals, also called the genital sensory cortex. Scientists from Rutgers University in Newark have mapped the sensory cortex to prove this connection.

In my practice, I also see men that have little feeling or that don’t have any feeling at all in their nipples. Their reaction tells me whether or not to go on with a nipple massage and respect their preference.

Gay nipple massage

Gay men are more used to play with their nipples to get aroused. So, is it a gay thing to stimulate your nipples? I believe that any man can enjoy a nipple massage.

Females have bigger and more developed nipples because of the lactation function. Many women get turned on when stimulated in their nipples and it’s quite common that their male partners please them that way. On the contrary, male nipples are often neglected.

My personal experience

I feel very lucky to have sensitive nipples! Over time, my nipples have become an essential erogenous area of my body. I can get erections very quickly just by teasing my nipples and often nipple play will trigger my orgasms. Also, I find it very sexy to see how other men’s nipples get erected as a sign of sexual arousal.

How to massage your nipples

  • Nipples are very sensitive glands and can bring you pleasure but also pain if they are overstimulated.
  • Each person likes a different level of intensity in their nipples. Some men like it very soft while others will ask you to bite their nipples. In my case, I love my nipples to be lightly pinched and played with medium pressure.
  • You can massage your partner’s nipples dry or using a lube medium, each option brings different sensations.
  • There are many massage grips available: feathering, circles, pinching, twisting, long runs, kneading the whole breast area, licking and so forth.

Would you like to get your nipples massaged? You can meet me in Barcelona to get a full-body erotic massage including nipple stimulation.

Do you have to get your nipples teased? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on nipple massage.

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