Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is one of my favorite tools and I use it for delivering full-body orgasms to my massage clients. It is a very intimate massage technique that requires your partner to be deeply relaxed and trust your skills.

Prostate milking enhances the male orgasm greatly and you should experience that at least once in your life.

Often, bisexual and straight men come to my studio in Barcelona to get a prostate massage because they want to feel a P-Spot orgasm. Some of them have it experienced with me for their first time ever. It is a pleasure often ignored by their female partners.

Benefits of the prostate massage

Besides reaching deeper and stronger orgasms, in the long term prostate massage is also believed to have benefits in getting thicker erections, alleviating erectile dysfunction, and cleaning toxins from your reproductive system.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut located below your bladder and right above your penis. It is a male reproductive gland essential to the male ejaculation cycle. A part of the gland can be directly stimulated through the rectum.

It can also be indirectly stimulated through the perineum muscle. The perineum or PC-muscle is the muscle that runs between your anus and the base of your penis.

How to do a Prostate massage?

  • use lots, lots, lots of lube and make sure that your nails are trimmed. Also, you shouldn’t have hard skin peeling off your fingertips. Use one finger, preferably the middle finger, it’s usually the longest (at least in my case).
  • the receiver will rest in the supine position and you will sit between his legs.
  • start teasing the area of the perineum and around the buttocks with very light contact, just like a feather. This is very pleasurable for most men and will help to relax your partner.
  • Next, start massaging with gentle movements the entrance of his anus and lubricate it generously. Introduce the tip of your finger inside his anus, your finger should be very relaxed and flexible, don’t make it stiff like a stick.
  • The fleshy part of your finger should face your partner’s penis (towards the ceiling) while your nail should be facing the tailbone.
  • Big tip: stroke your partner´s cock with the other hand and suddenly stop. That will make your partner’s pc muscle relax and so will his anus giving you room to penetrate him a bit deeper. Repeat this as many times as necessary until your whole finger is inside your partner’s rectum.
  • Start now caressing and gently massaging the fleshy area where the prostate is located. You should apply a very very light pressure just as you would caress your ear. Make small circles in both directions, small tapping, very gentle vibrations, etc. See how your partner reacts and repeat the movements that your partner likes the most.
  • You can milk your partner’s cock and massage his prostate simultaneously too, that will give him a lot of pleasure. You will notice that his prostate gland swells the more he gets aroused. Finally, his prostates well swell to its maximum and your partner will ejaculate experiencing a great prostate orgasm!

Hygiene and safety

To perform a prostate massage the anal passage has to be obviously clean.

I always protect my fingers with a condom and use chemical-free lube when performing prostate massage. Hygiene and safety are very important both ways.

Book a prostate massage

Prostate massage is often included in my massage practice in Barcelona. Would you like to experience it for the first time? Maybe you want to try it but you have questions?

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