Gay Masseur

Let me introduce myself: my name is David Alexander and I am a gay masseur. I was born and raised in Barcelona and I’m 36-year-old. I’m devoted to the world of massage since 2010. Over the years, I have learned many different massage protocols and techniques from all over the world to create my own signature massages.

David Alexander. Male masseur in Barcelona.

I receive visitors at my private flat in the center of Barcelona and I do hotel visits as well. Occasionally, I give massages when traveling abroad too.

I also organize massage workshops for gay men. You are very welcome to join my Gay Massage Newsletter to receive updates about my workshops, travel schedules, special offers and news. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you!

Besides being a gay masseur I also play musical instruments at a professional level and I love practicing sports, especially swimming in the sea and doing calisthenics or bodyweight exercises.

How I became a massage therapist

It all started in 2008 when traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, I received my first professional massage ever. It was a time when I had many back pains and muscle aches related to the long hours of music practice with my instrument at the conservatory. Well, I believe I received a great massage as I experienced a great relieve and I slept like a baby that night. At the same time, I felt very excited, because I had discovered something new that life had to offer. That very first massage had definitely been a revealing experience!

So, as soon as I returned home -back then, I lived in Amsterdam- I enrolled in the First Thai International Training Massage School in Europe (ITM) to learn Nat Boran traditional Thai massage style.

My massage learning journey

Very soon I started having my first customers and then I decided to move back to my home town, Barcelona. There I learned massage anatomy and Quiromasaje -a kind of massage which could be considered as the Spanish version of the Sweedish massage- and gained a strong knowledge of several western massage disciplines, such as sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point release therapy, and deep transverse massage.

Next, I learned one of the most beautiful massages of the world, the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage, distinctive by the use of long runs -like ocean waves- along the entire naked body of the receiver. At this point, I started experimenting with massaging while being nude, it just felt natural to me.

Shortly later, I learned to give massages using only my bare feet, following a very creative and effective massage protocol called Masaje Pedestre which has originated in Barcelona.

Discovering the sensual Gay Massage

By 2016 I was practicing gay sensual massages which consisted of a mix of different massage techniques that I had been learning during the previous years combined with my own creations and tantra ideas. I was quite a successful masseur by then, having many returning international customers. Then I met Andy Saich and his BodyFlow massage and that blew my mind!

Andy had developed in London an awesome sensual massage protocol called BodyFlow that he taught in his amazing courses and workshops all over Europe. Right after attending his course in Barcelona, we met for hours and we exchanged massages, I can say we became friends. Meeting Andy was very inspirational, as he was a very creative and charismatic person, and I could share and learn from him many ideas about our work as a gay sensual masseurs. Sadly, he passed away in 2019.

I incorporated many runs and massage ideas from the Body Flow massage into my practice and I developed my own ones to finally create my signature massages.

I am looking forward to sharing and learning new massage techniques in the future, as the art of touch stays being a beautiful and pleasurable human expression.

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