Due to the pandemic situation of the Covid-19, we will have to observe the following protocol in order to guarantee the maximum safety for all users and the therapist. These are the different measures to be observed:

– the massage room will be previously disinfected. The towels and sheets will be clean. The hangers will be disinfected. There will be at least a 90min-time between the moment when a user leaves the massage room and the next user enters.

– Upon arrival, you should do a hand-washing with hydroalcoholic gel or soap (at least for 20 seconds), and then you should measure your body temperature with a previously disinfected thermometer. If the body temperature is above 37.5 degrees, the massage will have to be postponed for another day.

– Then you will take a shower before the massage, please focus on washing your intimate parts too. After the massage, you can use the shower again. If you need to touch your nose, mouth, or your clothes before the massage, I would ask you to wash your hands again.

– The use of the mask is mandatory for the therapist and the user. That said, you can remove it when you are face down, this will be during a good part of the massage, which begins in this position. When you turn around you should put on the mask though. When laying on your belly, you should try to keep your head facing down, the tatami has a hole designed for this purpose and it is quite comfortable and you can breathe easily through it.

– Despite all the extra hygienic measures, we will be both naked and it will be a holistic, highly lubricated, relaxing, sensual massage with a good dose of erotic energy involved. This means that you will feel my hands and my body on you and I will also access your intimate parts. You can also touch my body and my privacy when I allow you.

If you have questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact me.